Inflicting indignities upon a dignified people


"It’s becoming an absurd world,” said 83-year-old Tsuyako Egashira as she looked at the poster of the former teen idol. “Why does a pregnant woman have to show her belly? You have to take care of it,” she said.

I loved this woman’s comment….becoming an absurd world…

I have to laugh. While Christina Aguilera has a record executive husband (versus talentless deadbeat), the cover of Rolling Stone done a la a Vargas pin-up, and a song that I, pop music hater extraordinaire, couldn’t extricate from my cortex for the better part of 72 hours, Spears’ best counter retort is the cover of People, Bazaar, and Us Weekly with stories focused on deadbeat husbands, love of Cheetos, ‘getting her figure back (eventually)’ or getting ‘back to singing (eventually)’ (after she stops spawning, I take it).

Insult to injury, Reuters story called her a former teen idol; not musician, not icon, not singer, former teen idol. Ouch.