Back from a long weekend in Lake Tahoe


Well I’m back from a long weekend in LT. I went up Thursday evening with my co-workers and we went out to eat at the Hard Rock and did some gaming that evening. I lost $100. I was chagrinned (but not too much) about this.

Friday we got up and hit the slopes at Heavenly. We were in the middle of a pretty strong gust with snow falling all morning. I had waxed my board early that morning and really enjoyed being out there. The crowds hadn’t braved the weather and I got in some great runs on about 4" of pristine powder.

We returned that evening and I was exhausted. After a shower and a fancy dinner out at a restaurant where the waiter totally copped an attitude with me (won’t be returning, “Fresh Ketch”) I retired straightaway.

I woke up the next morning and watched “Hannie Caulder” on AMC with a few of the earlier-rising co-workers.

I really liked Raquel Welch’s performance and had to laugh at some of the more exploitative scenes (including her shrinking rubber britches to fit by soaking in water).

I headed up to the mountain again with just one other friend (only we two were that hungry for punishment) and we had a great day …. with tons of other people.

Nevertheless fun is where you find it and we had a great time running through the trees and powder - it was a lot of fun and a new challenge. I really felt good about my skill on mogul’d terrain. This has always been a real challenge for me and to be able to navigate some of the black diamond chutes was a real kick.

Amid all this joy I managed to lose my wallet.

That sucked. Fortunately I had moved my cash to a different pocket so I was not penniless (will sysadmin with bad attitude for food?).

The irony of this is that my partner works for a firm whose services my group has retained and he offered to buy me lunch. I gallantly and politely refused insisting that I pay for myself, thus begetting the taking out of walllet, thus the begetting of putting it (or so i thought) in my jacket pocket, thus begetting the loss. Note to self: Next time take the free lunch.

So upon returning to the condo I started cancelling credit cards etc. (no illicit use, thankfully!)

While others headed back to the casino (maybe the loss was meant to prevent me from further gaming loss?), myself and 4 others went into town and ate up thence to watch “Hero” on DVD in one of the condos. I was pretty exhausted (again) and headed to bed. This morning I woke up early and packed and we got home around 1.