Frankenscience or Fad or Delicious?


All in one coffee-maker:  Too much Packaging

During SXSW my house-guest, wired up on too much of the highest points of the Web 2.0 society and jet-lag, graciously headed over to Wal-Mart to buy some basics as his luggage had gotten misplaced by American Airlines; one’s pickings are slim, mind you, at 3 in the morning.

Part of the booty that was left behind by said guest was an exemplar of the all in one coffee-making cup. Being a daring sort, I drank it upon his departure.

The first element to note is that this thing is heavy: comaprable to a Slim Fast can in density. You might be needing a trip to the ER were this thing to fall an your foot.

Speaking of slim fast, the preserved coffee herein tastes reminiscent of the “low fat shake” icon.

The real magic ( or science ) of the device is that by puncturing some liquid bladder on the bottom ( I can feel your desire growing here ) you begin an exothermic chemical reaction that warms your slim-fast coffee right up. I admit it, I drank it, and it was about as good as the stuff in my office break-room.

But what really struck me is that the thing was still tarsal-damagingly heavy after consumption of the liquid payload. I have checked out their site which re-assures me that our reaction only produces natural bi-products [sic].

I just hope everyone drinking these is putting them in the recycling bins.

I found a dissection of a out-of-date can can as well.