Trying to come out of hibernation


I’ve not really felt much like writing … mostly because being sick has taken the joy out of it for me.

This last week or so has not seen a marked improvement in my condition. Things were getting better after my visit to the Dr. on February 14th, but things stalled out rather around the following Tuesday ( when my steroid shot wore out ). Worried, I chose to book an appointment for this past Thursday figuring that I should see some improvement within a week. Basically the improvement process plateaued.

On Thursday morning I received a call and found out that my Dr. himself was sick and I would be seeing the nurse practitioner. I was lucky in that my practitioner was very good; or, at the very least, she prescribed me some really good drugs. After taking a breathing test to make sure that I didn’t have something in my lungs, I was was given a steroid inhaler and (another!) steroid injection in my keester. The office was short two doctors owing to illness and it was a right frenetic zoo.

I asked the nurse if it was just me, or did this year seem especially bad. She confirmed and said it was the worst winter illness season she’d seen in 25 years in Austin.

All around, it might have been a good bit of time to avoid the ATX.

On the good news front, SXSW is just around the corner and I’ll be doing the interactive festival. Hopefully I’ll find some of readers there too?

The only down side of the steroid is that 4 days after I get the injection i feel really disconsolate: hard to focus and a bit depressive. It’s weird.

For the mean time, the inhaler is very good. It really opens me up and I’ve not had any more croup cough since last Thursday. The only unpleasant side effect is uh, a more “productive” cough. And that’s gross…but necessary to getting better. It’s just ruined me for social company.