The yak-shaving is out of control


In what first started out as “can i make a rounded corners square”, I have now undertaken an entire site redesign and am about 40% through it I’d guess.

Is this making progress on the Mellies app? Is this doing amazing things in Ruby?

No, instead it’s been time with me running a lot of Textmate and The Gimp.

And Helvetica, a lot of “Helvetica.”

Order of operations…

  1. New site layout
  2. Catchup posts on SXSW content
  3. Finish the Mellies App.
  4. Do taxes. Oh crap. I better do that first actually…
  5. Clean out garage
  6. Something about cars
  7. Read SXSW schwag memorabilia
  8. Crap, gotta put my memorabilia stuff in plastic tubs in the garage. Crap, gotta clean out the garage first.
  9. Change requests this weekend
  10. Gustavo told me that I could skip a lot of math classes and go straight to calculus I this semester if I do independent study on Trig functions. Better do that.
  11. Oh heck! School. Gotta get ready for the C++ test next week.
  12. Oh heck, gotta do C++ homework
  13. Oh heck, I have a math test next week too
  14. Hey there’s my girlfriend…
  15. Open-source mail framework if work will let me
  16. Oh I was doing some Rails work at work, I better get back on that. Actually i need to try out some techniques that I want to use there on the far simpler Mellies applic… oh, double-hockey-stick.