I feel like there should be a German word for this III


This evening after my classes I was sitting outside of the school at the ‘Dillo stop waiting for the, uh, ‘Dillo to come round. While waiting I was reading a textbook when I felt something alight to my lower calf. I looked down and sow a mosquito.

I hate those bastards.

And so I thought: “By God, it’s a mosquito mid-suck! If I kill it i will have bug guts and, uh, until-recently my blood on me.” About the same time another more primal message came in “Kill that ugly thing stealing your vital haemocytes.” Before I could be more than just barely conscious of these ideas I smacked the insect into oblivion.

Sure enough, and to my chagrin, said action resulted in a bloody smear on my calf.

So the addition is “When you know you have two choices, but that they will both lead to a disappointing / irksome / irritating end, and, having chosen one, you realized one of the said bitter ends and were, as you expected, disappointed / irked / put out.”

Guy 1: So my boss took us out to lunch Guy 2: Cool! Where? Guy 1: Bennigan’s Guy 2: Ugh, what’d you get? Guy 1: Well it was between the club and the burger, neither of which looked good and pretty much assured disappointment. Guy 2: So which did you get? Guy 1: The club. Guy 2: And it was…? Guy 1: Really average and a bit overcooked, just like I expected. Guy 2: What a total bekanntschlechtwahl