Rrroon Paul


My blog-friend Daniel has posted numerous times citations, references, quotes, speeches of the representative of the 14th district of The Lone Star State: Ron Paul.

Yet I can recall being a freshman with The Social Bobcat during one of Mr. Paul’s re-election cycles. The ad was the typical attack ad; judging by Paul’s attendance record, it didn’t do much to derail his career.

In any case the ads were along the lines of

  • “Rrrron Paul, mumbledy mumble badda badda. "


  • “Who approved mumbledy mumble, blah blah? Rrrron Paul.”

There was the implication of a rolling “Rr” and when it was said the picture on the screen would inverse expose ( look like a film negative ) and it became clear that Paul was the negative (ho-ho!) choice.

Every time I see Paul’s name I think “Rrron Paul”