We have the coolest world leader


I really think Barack, excuse me, The President is really the coolest world leader.

Previously, my list was:

  1. King of Thailand
  2. Carla Bruni
  3. Angela Merkel of Germany, for freaking out so stylishly when she got the Bush back-rub treatment

Now it is

  1. Barack Hussein Obama, POTUS
  2. King of all Cosmos
  3. Carla Bruni
  4. King of Thailand

It was a hard choice…




In all seriousness, I recall my mom once saying that in her childhood, the Kennedy era, they thought that the government were “cool” guys. I remember her saying this to me and thinking, this is somewhere in the Bush I era, “you’ve got to be joking.” Something died between Vietnam, Watergate, and has, I believe, for my generation, been dead until the election of Obama. Not ever having seen it before, we didn’t know to miss it. Having seen it again, I don’t think that I could well settle for less again.