Appearance on Ruby Rogues Podcast


Earlier this month I appeared on the [Ruby Rogues][RR] podcast to discuss the perennial topic of Metaprogramming in Ruby.

It was a bit of a take off on the presentations I gave at RubyConf and Lone Star Ruby Conf in 2011, but seasoned with a year of perspective and influenced by my new love of clarity and explicitness — both of which are generally considered anathema to the idea of metaprogramming in general.

I really enjoyed joining the panel. If you do decide to listen to the entire podcst (of limited interest unless you happen to be a programmer) you should realize that the panel has a really good time talking and firing off zingers and trying to make one another laugh.

Along the way I hope that I express what my definition of metaprogramming is:

Writing code that redirects a sent message at runtime