Blogging in Janus + MacVim + Vimblog


As I mentioned elsewhere, my friend Daniel Miessler said that he would be ready to give up Textmate for Vim but were it for the level of blogging support. I have, hopefully, made it easier to do so. In fact, I’m writing this blog post and using my fork of Vimblog to manage it.

Here’s how this post was made:

  1. :Blog np created a new post
  2. Moved down to the Categs line and then: :Blog cl
  3. /Techno to match the right line. Hit enter.
  4. Vimblog just copied the category name to the yank clipboard for me and then…
  5. p to paste it in
  6. G to the end of the file
  7. o to start typing
  8. Typed Daniel Miessler
  9. v2b\gifl did a Google I’m feeling Lucky to his site and wrapped it in a markdown link
  10. More editing
  11. :Blog draft (because it’s still alpha-grade code) so I could check it out in Wordpress
  12. Took a screen-shot of vim to put in the post
  13. :Blog um ~/Desk/vimb
  14. Vimblog pasted the url link to the image that makes this work: Screenshot of vimblog
  15. Published this post with :Blog publish