Unable to upgrade to Wordpress 2.2: Not ready or am I missing something?


Mantra: This is why you always make a backup

I took a look at my Wordpress blog engine dashboard and noticed that there was a new version out.

I applied this upgrade to my local blog copy on my PowerBook and it looked fine. I did the same thing to the site you’re reading and it messed up in a large way, a much larger way than I was interested in hacking on this morning.

Issues I had:

  • Repeated appearances of “Warning: Illegal offset” in sidebars
  • Plugin Listing showed the word “Array” all over the place ( i.e. PHP was printing some variable that was an array, versus its contents ).

I’ve noticed that most of the bug reporters who have their own sites are rolled back to 2.1. I’ll stay with them for the moment.

What’s even more surprising, this being wordpress, is that more people aren’t already on it. I think that the mitigating factor here is that some parts of Wordpress have now exceeded the casual hacker threshold. With the inclusion of wp-cache.php ( a tool for caching hits…) the mathematics behind a blog site just got a lot harder.

Consider, that it’s easy to ‘mentally’ code a blog.

  1. Access site
  2. Open database of posts
  3. Request last n-many posts
  4. Format posts into theme
  5. Format post with stylesheets
  6. Done

Not bad.