Roll of the Tripodometer


According to Wordpress this will be by 1,003rd post which means that like most numerically-significant tripodometer rolls you notice it just a few clicks past the “momentous” moment.

I remember when I rolled my old Blazer’s trip past 100K. I was on the lower deck of I-35 headed southbound across the river. I looked to my right and saw the Memorial Stadium, the lit up tower, and the lights of downtown in that 0th mile. It was memorable.

But on this site, the 1000th post seems to have been: “One man’s DITMTLOD is anothers, “eh”?”. Well I can’t say that was particularly enlightening reading, but probably par for the course of those that come here. Based on this being the 1000th, that would mean that I’ve averaged about 200 posts a year over these last five years that I’ve been writing this site.

That first post was written on the third floor of a salmon colored apartment on Mariposa Street an San Francisco.

This post is being written from a comfortable armchair in Austin.

Then…I didn’t know (technology): Cocoa, Latex, Ruby, Rails, Textmate, anything about Unicode, how to write custom MC files for sendmail, Latin, OpenLdap server builds.

Now…I know all these things

Then…I didn’t know (activities): how to surf, yoga

Now…I know these things.

Then…I thought the president was a dangerous moron.

Now…Some things don’t change.



Then…Never been to Australia or Spain

Now…Been to both ( the former, twice! )

Then…Didn’t know if anyone would care to come along on this ride called my life

Now…Making “our life” with a special, special girl.

Then..closest Mexican food: Burrito in The Mission, San Francisco


Then…My Friend Mike

Now…My Friend The Social B

Then…Trader Joe’s

Now…Whole Foods ( c’mon TJ’s come to ATX, I know it’s WF’s backyard, but bite the bullet! )

Then…sliding into some sort of depression

Now…more connected to optimism and happiness than ever


Now…League living nearby!

Then…Netflix queue full

Now…Netflix queue at 489!

Then…wrote entries in the on-line editor

Now…write entries in Textmate with Markdown

There are many other thens and nows: cars, clothes, books, sites I read, changes at work in both patron and peer…far too many to think of them all.