Back to Sunnyvale for the New Year..

While many people were nursing their hangovers this morning, I was nursing sore muscles from having spent the day moving from Mountain View into Sunnyvale.

While the distance is but a few short miles, the space is completely different. My girlfriend and I are now sharing a spacious 2br/2ba (in the vernacular) on the 3rd floor on a MegApartment complex. It’s close to our respective workplaces and is really nice.

I hired a moving company to take our stack of boxes out of the old (1br!) place and haul them up the 3 flights of stairs. I’m too old for that crap.

We got all the boxes in and took the last bits of precious items out of the old place and got everything in about 6 pm.

As you may or may not have seen on the news, Northern California has been under an intermittent barrage of rainstorms. While this threatened to upset our entire relocation operation, we were able to complete the work with minimal interference. Six hours later, the movers had taken our boxes and moved them into our new abode (and i shouldn’t say entirely cheaply, either!).

Nevertheless, that’s one hurdle behind us.

After such a day a night of “partying” wasn’t really in the cards. We headed on down to pick up a pizza from Mountain Mike’s Pizzeria which we brought back to the new place and ate off of packing boxes with paper plates. As far as “ringing in the new year” goes, we didn’t, but I do know I woke up in a spacious apartment, with a girl I love, with a girl who loves me (same girl, thank you), and I can’t think of a finer way to start a year off.