Suck it ESPN - ‘Horns win the Rose Bowl


You couldn’t shut up for weeks and weeks about how USC had it in the bag. Just because the school is in the backyard of your corporate parent’s theme park, that’s no excuse to downplay the blood, sweat, and grit of my alma mater, The University of Texas.

I am so proud of those men out there, and I enjoyed paying my Chili’s tab to the USC cheering waiter with my Texas Ex charge card.

I looked into that mass of orange bodies, their hands moving to “The Eyes of Texas” in unison and I remembered the sunny days on the bleachers at Memorial Stadium, the windy ass-cold days in late October (usually the Tech game, who knows why), and how that song was the backdrop to a moment where the students and the players and all the spectators knew that somehow an “us” was being created.

Congratulations, champs!