I think Matrix 3 (]I[) is good!


Today I met my friend and former Daily Texan columnist Roahn at the AMC movie theatre over off of Bay Street.

[ Appropriate that we should see a movie about a simulated reality at a shopping center that is a simulation of Main Street Shopping Center ( Yeah, Bob’s General and Clothing store’s wares were JIT inventory imported from Irain Jayan sweatshops back in those nostalgic good old days, eh? ) ]

I thought it was a very good ending, I got most of the answers I wanted and the areas that were left gray, all my pre-film thinking managed to build a connecting narrative. Bravo to the Wachowski brothers for giving us a great story. Thanks again for not thinking the audience so stupid as to have to belabor the story by spelling everything out.

…despite from the fact that the audience is that intellectually lazy.

After that I came back and worked on packing some more stuff, cleaning of the Mac and preparing it for sale.

My new Mac has been put on hold. I suspect they’re waiting for new components for the machines so that they can take care of some rather public complaints about the screen, paint, and tightness of case. Ah well.

Monday I go to New Mexico, updates may be sparse.

I’m planning on reading some of my magazine backlog and maybe working my way through part of Kernighan and Ritchie’s seminal book on C programming. I have to move quick on that.

Other than that the rainy season is upon us - hopefully that will equate to snowy season.