Steven fights the Man, or Doctor, specifically Dr. Pepper


I live in Austin and as such I can get Dublin Dr. Pepper fairly easily: the kind with Imperial sugar.

Messieurs, Madames: Please, I beg of you, switch your formula (back) to this base.

It tastes right. I grew up as a kid drinking cold, glass bottles of this stuff on the porch of my great-grandmother’s house in New Mexico. When I taste the Dublin Dr. P. I get a fizzy bit of joy up in my naso-sinus region. It is pure bliss.

I don’t get that from main-line Dr. Pepper. Sure, it tastes good, but it’s not the Platonic ideal of Dr. Pepper that my memory tells me that it should be.

I weep for those kids of today who’ve known nothing but the HFCS-based Dr. Pepper.

Recent news reports that HFCS is loaded with mecury. Dr. P. could lead the way to switching away from this carbohydrate-bomb sweetner by switching back to good-old, made in the U-S-A sugar.

Please consider doing so.