News of this week...


After study hall week, I was very glad for this weekend to arrive.

I’ve already gotten the results of my first Latin test back and I’m glad to say that I did as well as can be earned so, I was rather pleased.

My calculus exam went rather well, and featured something I really liked: essay quetions. I think this is really great, because it gives people who may have a more visual / educational conceptualization of the material the chance to prove they understand the concept and can explain them. While they featured a symbolic component as well, I thought this was an innovation and asked the student to understand more than just a bit of fancy notation.

My sister’s husband is out of town so she, the g/f, and I all loaded up to pick up her car which was just free from its shop visit. On the way back into town Lauren and I turned off of the road and headed down to Emma Long Park. I had never been to the park before but after a twisty ride through the hills we reached the area and had a chance to explore a bit of this lake-side park. It was a warm summer day, but under the tall oaks there was a pleasant shade.

I don’t want to jinx it, but I think that Fall may be tip-toeing around Waterloo. But I didn’t say that.

After that Lauren and I headed over to the movies and caught Julie Delpy’s movie “2 Days in Paris”. I wanted to see it because Lord knows that traveling with your beloved is well, challenging. There’s something about getting sick, jet-lag, homesickness, and being locked up in a tiny space with someone for hours on end that can really lead to some interesting farcical disasters. I was hoping for this and for cinematic vistas of Paris.

Well, the film didn’t do much to deliver on the latter, and frankly I found the male character to be an unmitigated jerk ( who only got mildly interesting after meeting a militant vegan ) and the female character to be a flighty dingbat. I also think that it played too much on the “French people screw anything at any time and are more liberated than you repressed Yanks” stereotype.

There were some laugh-out-loud moments, but it was basically a comedy of manners, Franco-Gallic style. Maybe a Netflix rental for you, I would say.

We rounded out the evening by inviting my sister over and grilling some bacon-steaks. We ate and visited and had a very nice time.