Hugo Boss Coat Clothing Repair Dead End

In October 2016, right before our trip to Paris, where we would get engaged, I bought a new Hugo Boss winter coat from Bloomingdale’s in SoHo. One of the things I like most about Bloomingdales in NYC is their customer-centric attitude. I was rather dismayed when, at the end of 2017, the coat had developeed giant rips along the seams of the lining. Below is my story of trying, and failing, to get help in repairing it.

Hugo Boss Coat coming apart at the seams

Surely coats are meant to surive more than 1.5 seasons of wear. But it didn’t fail within 30-90 days of purchase so I didn’t return it immediately on grounds of being “faulty.”

On the other hand, for a “quality” coat, I would be surprised that it would only last 1.5 years before falling apart, literally, at the seams.

But, because I love the coat, I decided to try to get it repaired.

Boss’ site suggests:

If you have cause for complaint, we kindly ask you to consult the retailer you purchased the items from directly. They may be able to provide you with an immediate solution and will pass the details of your complaint onto the HUGO BOSS Customer Service team.

I went to Bloomingdales and asked what could be done. They told me they would get their alterations department to inspect the garment. Upon inspection, their tailor told me the item couldn’t be repaired because they didn’t even stock lining material. So much for help from the point of sale.

I returned to Boss’ site and went to their terms and conditions and sought

  • Their guarantees about the quality of their merchandise
  • Information on how I could contact Boss

But, as ever, finding a responsible party is much harder than it would seem.

Upon following their Product Guarantees link, within the Terms and Conditions page, I was redirected to a dead end and then redirected to the store catalog.

While the link pointed to:,en_US,pg.html.

Visiting that site redirects to:,en_US,pg.html

…which returns: HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently, the internet equivalent of “nobody’s home, go away.”

Ultimately, it seems impossible to find someone who can help me get my beloved coat repaired. I went to a repair place here in Chelsea and showed the tailor the coat “Oh, that’s a Hugo Boss, good quality.” I then showed him the shredded liner: “Wow, that’s surprising. Maybe the quality isn’t there anymore.”

Sadly, I thought I was buying a heavy-duty wool coat for many winters. I’m going to try their last-ditch contact form, but as of this point I’m pretty darn unimpressed by the quality of their fashionable winter-wear.

Does anyone know someone in midtown / Chelsea who can help? See the About Me page for a contact email address.

Update: 2018-09-15: To add insult to injury, their contact form won’t take a US Zip code. Sigh.

Update: 2018-10-05: Their nice customer service rep, Joseph, apologized for the inability to refund my item (which I didn’t really want) and gave me a 20% off discount code. My purchased repair was $120. It’s some solace. I just hope there are not further seam shreds! So, here’s where the case closes.