Late Summer Trip to Rockaway Beach With Byron


Sunday we had a warm spell here in NYC and my lovely wife came up with the idea that we should, all three of us make a run down to Rockaway Beach and enjoy the warmth, surf, and sun.

Per NYC rules, dogs are allowed on-beach, on-leash after Labor day. So we three packed up and headed down. We started with a stop by our local pizza slice place, Perfecto Pizza. We boxed up our food and took the 2-train down to Wall Street.

Byron’s gotten really good about getting into his “travelin’ bag” so it was a pretty uneventful trip. We popped out at Wall and walked down to the Pier 11 boat where we picked up the RW ferry that runs from Wall, to Sunset Park, thence to Rockaway Beach.

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From the ferry disembarkation point, it’s a short three-block walk to the beach.

Upon arrival we, did a last minute snack run at the Rite-Aid along the way and then entered beach 108.

We pitched our umbrella, set up a spot, and passed the hours away.

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Our fearless beach poodle showed some more willingness to wade out into the whitewater, but seaside swimming is still not to his taste.

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Nevertheless, he was able to dig up plenty of sand and play with us out by the sea.

By the end of the day we were ready to head for shelter. We stopped by the “Caracas” sea-side bar and had some Narangannsett lagers and some fries before heading back to the ferry. An hour later we were back at Wall Street and a short train ride later we were back home: sandy, tired, and carrying a bit of the summer inside.