“All straight guys think: ‘Some day some woman will show up and figure all this stuff out for me.’”

Keenly aperçu by a friend of mine to the question “Why the stereotypes about gays knowing so much about drapery and track lighting.”

Well, just to show that if you make anything nerdy enough, I will do it, here’s the Google SketchUp of my future residence. Yes, it’s to scale. I don’t think it’s too bad for a first stab at the tool.

As our move in date approaches, as we choose flooring and carpet, we’re starting to have some panic about what happens when an Austin-sized lifestyle and set of accoutrements meets San Francisco space restriction. As a means to try to figure out what we can and cannot do, I’ve set up this drawing.

“Hm, that LazyBoy just won’t fit!”


“Hm, maybe we can use a flop-down ironing board as a dining table?”

A first try with Sketchup of my future home in San Francisco