If I had a dinner table and my choice of diners


If i had a dining room table in this apartment …

…and i could choose famous TV people to come over ….

I would have…

  • Jesse L. Martin - Dt. Green from Law and Order. Jesse was great on his guest role on the Xfiles. He can come over.

  • Lauren Graham - She and Jesse could rap about the biz. I’d just serve more Pad Thai

  • Chuck Lorre - He’s a producer, but he’s still cool

  • David Duchovny - He totally bailed out when he was major famous. That’s pretty good…and I loved X-Files 94-97

  • Jamie Gertz - Because she’s Jamie Gertz

  • Alicia Witt (Ok she’s not on TV anymore, but she’s real bright and a good indie actress).

And that’s my dinner for six – WHAT’S YOURS??