New word

Blue crush!

Blue crush!

Heterochromia iridium

It’s when you have two irises of differing colors.

Actress Kate Bosworth sports this. She’s in Blue Crush. I’m watching it right now. The story is pretty so-so, but the surf photography is out-standing.

Iris is the ancient Gr∑∑k word for rainbow.


Movie features the Tahitian Hula, always a pleasure for the eyes. Grade of movie just went up one letter.

Movie features Fiji, also known as Mount Fiji, formerly of the gorgeous ladies of wrestling (GLOW). I may have to look into buying this.

Oh crap, a big sappy romantic moment where she thinks she can’t chase her dream and the guy comforts her and stuff and makes her go on with her dream. God I’m such a sappy Romantic sucker.

Addendum II

The sound on this movie is incredible. I would say that if you have surround sound you must watch this movie late at night, with the sound waaayyy up, the subwoofer tweaked to maximum. The sound of the waves crashing, the foley, the foam, it’s absolutely incredible. When you hear the sounds of the banzai pipeline breaking on your left and right you really get that feel of how deafening the waves in the agitator are.