2 month milestone for my fitness pursuits


I passed 2 months on the 10th of this month, but with Lauren’s birthday, work, school, etc. I didn’t share that I am now 9 pounds lighter than when I started. The upshot of all this is that I can again fit in size 36 jeans.

I even got an unsolicited Facebook message saying “Are you losing weight?.” Music, pure music, to my fatty, fat, fat ears.

So here’s where I am in the scaling up from Couch to 5K: I now do 3 pairs of run-5/walk-2. This was going along swimmingly until last week when SHIN SPLITS OH MY FREAKING GOOAAAGGUUH THIS HURTS entered my life. With that extra minute of running (time three), something really started bugging my shins. So I had to take last week off.

I was worried about getting back on the bandwagon but I got some great advice and found a real-deal, rubbery-bouncy track to run on here in North Austin. So, today I headed over to the middle school and did the afore-described program without incident.

Good motivators also came last week during Lauren’s birthday festivities.

I reached into my closet and put on my size 36 jeans – I put them on and it wasn’t pinchy at all when I wore them. I then tried on a pair of size 36 slacks and – again – I was able to wear them. So for Lauren’s birthday I ate steak and cheesecake (uh, not a highlight in a fitness regime) in size 36 pants.

This puts me about 205-6 down from 214. I hope to break the 200 barrier before Thanksgiving.