Steven Morrissey, the Elder


I was not a fan of The Smiths growing up.

Leigh would wear her “Meat is Murder” shirt and I thought it was a bunch of mopeyness from un-tan people with little perspective on life. This is an accurate assessment, but the music’s quality ought not be undermined by this quality.

Nevertheless, through the efforts of my then-g/f and the gift of one of my dorm-mates I started giving the Smiths Best II many repeated listens. Since that time I’ve come to like lilting Steven’s work rather well.

On The Alternative they showed a current-day Morrissey singing “There Is a Light and it Never Goes Out”. The na&iumlvety; and softness were gone and there was a hint of age’s gravel in his voice instead. Nevertheless it was fascinating. A man that’s so self-pitying that it’s nothing but the eloquent vanity of an aging lion asked: “Please remember me when I’m gone.”


It was really quite unexpected.

Where’s the self-deprecating humor that usually comes after some Morrissey grandstanding? It wasn’t there. Was it Morrissey being, real? My goodness, things could be getting really interesting now.