Sometimes the Internet requires me to "be open minded"


As a card-carrying member of the Liberal Superiority Club ( exhibit A: MacBook Pro ) I’m required to keep an open mind about things, occasionally accepting ideas or lifestyles that challenge my very assumptions about the way the world should work.

Check this out:

Wm said… Saw Kathy this past Friday in Atlanta @ The Fox theatre. She had a sold out performance and had to add an extra show afterwards. She looked fine from the 2nd row center pit which was about 10 feet from her. She kicked ass that night. All you other people can go listen to Ann Coulter…now that’s trash! Monday, August 20, 2007 1:42:00 AM

Well, no flies on you Wm for taking a dig at looneypants Coulter, but this thing you assert, that the Venn diagram of Kathy Griffin and Funny intersect, this is simply more than my mind can comprehend.

So i recited my “Ek An Car” mantra 100 times and the spirit of Krishna ( or was it Harriet Miers? ) descended upon me and reminded me that part of being an open-minded guy is accepting ideas that you instinctually disagree with and then verifying their truth for yourself.

My teeth are grit and for once I know the pain that my relatives must feel when I point out every way in which the Bush administration has been a giant leap backwards against their heartfelt belief that it just simply can’t be so. I mean it takes a lot of gut-not-brains thinking to discount so many screw-ups.

I returned to mantra recitation.

But then I remembered Margaret Cho’s movie “I’m the One that I want” which I watched on a frigid and wet night in a crappy hotel in San Jose. It was really funny. And not just because she did the Mamma Cho impersonation ( OK, lady, I agree it kills for you, but let’s not beat that dead horse into glue before it gets to the factory ). I had always found Cho absurdly un-funny, I mean, how many jokes can you hang on “I’m overweight Korean and all my friends are gay men!"? Yet this movie was fu-uh-nny.

So there may be a time and space coordinate where the Kathy Griffin and Funny convergence is to be seen, but I don’t know where it is. If, perchance that convergence were recorded, someone let me know so that I may bear the fruits of my righteous open mindedness.

Incidentally Wm’s comment above was found at an article describing Kathy Griffin and Steve Wozniak dating.