Fruits of my Labor: Trigonometry class over


As it may have stuck the regular reader, I have been up to my nose in closing out my summer school class, Trigonometry.

Walking into the final I had only three of my exam scores and the information about my in-class work.

Test 1: 92 Test 2: 29 Test 3: 90 Daily work: 15 points.

And yes, you’re reading that right, Test 2, saw me make a 29. You’ll note that I had been away on business two weeks ( Boston and SJ ) during that time thus leaving very little time to uh, well, do anything but fly home and take the test with what I happened to know based on on-the-plane readings.

I took test 4 three days before the final and thus my teacher hadn’t had time to grade it before I took the final. This meant that there were 300 points in play. Further, your lowest test score could be replaced by one half of the final’s points. Thus I knew the status of 200 points out of 500 available walking into the final. Thus I could have quite literally failed..


MATH-1316 004 Trigonometry A 3.00