Manly, NSW, .au

We made it across the ocean fine, barring the spirit debilitating flight of 13 hours.

Upon arrival we waited 1 hour for our bags ( a certain local or two unleashed some colorful vitriol at the coordinators ). Thereafter we took the underground to circular quay and the ferry thence to manly. The apartment was ready upon arrival and has been a nice home base for operations thus far.

The surf was good yesterday and the day before and we made great use of it, taking some mini-mals out for the day.

We’ve found a great Indian food restaurant up the way, but have enjoyed the kitchen in our place a great deal. It’s nice to not to have to depend on strangers for all your meals.

We’re taking today off from surfing – which is good because it will give unaccuustomed arms a day to rest. Also, the waves suck today.

Something truly amazing happened today. At coffee, i looked out on the water and saw a nascent funnel cloud hanging down. Any Texas boy would know. A few minutes later it touched the water and was a full waterspout! The locals were amazed and it moved closer and closer until suddenly it dissapated and returned skyward. Amazing.

Manly Waterspout from Manly Daily

From Manly Daily

OZ is beautiful and friendly and fun, as i remember it. More pics and prose later.