Palo Alto Sunday

I was driving this past Sunday from the Apple Store in PA back down to Mountain View and exited off of Alma / Central to head over to El Camino and the AT&T Store.

While at the intersection of Page Mill and El Camino I caught this red light and thought I would share the cameraphone pic of the fog coming over the Los Altos Hills.

Everyone thinks that the bay area is struck by fog in the winter - I admit, it’s poetic like that and Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” adds to this poetic vision. However, the fog comes in the summer, actually.

Well, it comes year round in many parts of SF, but the big thick billows - that’s summertime.


It’s damnable - days like this making you remember how lucky you are to live in a boring, expensive, sunny, perfect climate part of the world with the most powerful technology companies and the most liquid venture capitalists in the world.