Movie evening

Last night I returned home very drained and I decided I needed some light-hearted comedy, so I watched Big Fat Greek Wedding, and then Barcelona (because I’m going there), and then Y tu mama tambien because I like road trip movies with a lot of graphic content.

BFGW was what I expected and I was rather put off by Barcelona. I think I was supposed to think that the lively banter between the two main characters was witty and hipster and cool in that yuppie ex-pat sort of way.

It wasn’t.

It was basically some writer who is probably quite clever, impressing himself about how clever he is. While this is probably good for his soul and his pocketbook, no amount of quoting Dr. Johnson can give this move the heart that would have backed the flick.

I rounded out the evening of cinematic exploration with Y tu mama…. It was pretty good. A lot of noise had been made about how graphic it is … I didn’t think it was all that shocking.