Completed my Craft Project

I finished off my notebook cover. It came out pretty well (i think). Here are the pics [pic1, pic2]. I now notice that Levenger is selling a solution that looks slicker than mine (for 80 dollars, geniuine leather). Nonetheless my solution cost half as much, literally.

My Mac still hasn’t shipped yet.

This MiMail virus outbreak is occurring during my oncall period and is making it very hard for me to work. About every time I get working on something I get distracted.

The weather has definitely turned cold here in SF. It was windy and dark and cold when I got home today - just how I like it! I had to bustle through the parking lot at Potrero Center to get my dry cleaning and buy some foodstuffs at Safeway.

I made it through my first day of low carb quite well. For lunch i had chicken breast with tobasco and broccoli (good carbs!), for dinner I had eggs and canadian bacon. I also drank 88oz of water - which may also have contributed to my work-time distraction as i had to keep going to the bathroom.


Just think, next week at this time I’ll be in New Mexico. It will not be romantic cold there. There is a book I saw at Barnes & Noble about San Francisco (not surprising, the B&N is at Fisherman’s Wharf) call “The Dark Gray city of Love”. Did I already write that? I don’t care, it’s a good sentiment. Maybe that’s why Romantics love the city by the Golden Gate.

Dedman said:

From: Jim Dedman
Date: Sun Nov 2, 2003  12:22:50  PM US/Pacific
To: "Steven G. Harms"

"Well, in Art I got a minus. I guess even then I was
too postmodern or something like it to really be able
to do art, but I was even then, and still am,
excellent at dissecting Art's meaning. That's probably
part of the reason I live in SF."

Wow, from Beaumont, I heard you patting yourself on
the back for your hipster trendiness!

Pain does not exist in this dojo!

Dedman is funny.