Matrix Predictions


So tonight or tomorrow thousands of Matrix cultists will find out how far the rabbit hole goes. Anyone care to make some predictions?

If you prefer to go in with no hints / discussions delete this now…

Yes, I am a very big loser.

The Architect in The Matrix ][ is really an analog for the Gnostic concept of the Demiurge, a false god that arranges reality to conform to his ideal.

Some Gnostic Christians believed that there was a God-the-father with whom man was to have a relationship. The Demiurge interceded and messed things up (that’s why evil exists in the world [Classical Philosophy’s _The Problem of Evil]).

Christ’s return would herald the removeal of the Demiurge and a return to communion with the True God. It’s really just another way of looking at redemption.

The word Demiurge comes from the Greek Demiurgos which means custodian, or craftsman…or architect.

“Hello Neo, I am the Demiurge.”

The Matrix and Zion are simulations operating paralell to one another, not the situation of one ring inside the other.

Problem of modelling human choice for machines is, how can a human make a choice to do X when all logical reasoning points to doing Y. This ability to deny binary logic is why they must offer the choice of choosing the matrix, or rejecting it and entering zion. This is the essence of humans (“Hope”).

The Oracle modifies Neo’s programming by giving him food. The bond / battle between the Merovingian and the Oracle is demonstrated in II where we see him deliver the orgasm cake

Neo is a program that thinks it is human. When the machines produce an accurate Neo they will produce the perfect Matrix


Humans invented AI and programmed them with somethintg similar to Asimov’s laws of robotics with a strong paternalistic urge (never kill a human). Seeing Humans’ tendencies to wipe one another out, they determine the best world for preserving biological function (fulfilling their programming) is to put the minds in a virtual ‘corral’, the Matrix.

Yet some minds reject it, thus defeating their ability to comply with their programming.

Thus more artifacts are introduced to help the persistence of the matrix (agents, the zion simulation, a history of a machine-human war).

The goal of the iterations of The Matrix / The Zion is to produce a 100% human-mind encompassing virtual world such that the paternalistic AI can fulfill their programming (preserve humans) flawlessly.

It turns out that modelling choice against all logic and love have continually caused problems for the machine modelers.

There is a huge threat to the fulfillment of the machines’ mission, Smith. Smith represents the possibility of the destruction of the ability to fulfill the mission (destroying the Matrix). Whether we like it or not, in this world, there is symbiosis (symtechnosis?) between the machines and men, although it has been falsely cast as a war.

Trinity is preggers. But wait you say, how can a program have a kid with a woman? Well, she’s virtual too in the Zion simulation so that is possible. Will this program / kid have special powers? Yes.


|The Real Real   |Matrix with human minds and machine minds
|World with      |(people, agents)
|machine and    |-------------------|  |--------------------
|human minds   |Zion with human minds and machine minds
|                       |(rebels, squiddies)

Trinity and neo’s kid happens in the zion segment.

The gap between the two simulations shows access points between the two (i.e. the unplug sequence, smith overwriting Bane).

Much like Hegellian argument (ironically, Hegel did have a very interesting story about how the slave becomes the master) , the Matrix was antithesis (humans rebel), Reloaded was re-assertion of thesis (human are our slaves), and Revolutions will be the synthesis (‘we