Moving Woes…

So with the month of November pretty much filled up with activities, stress, and departure, I worked all weekend to get as much stuff moved into storage as possible.

Step 1 was to get storage at CityStorage which, fortunately enough, has a storage center literally 3 blocks from my house. I knew living in a quasi-industrial zone would have its advantages at some point.

Step 2 was to empty all my big furniture, deks, TV stand, bookshelves.

Step 3, I posted an ad on CraigsList to get some help, a great guy named Jon volunteered to help for a reasonable rate. If you need his contact info, contact me. He was great and 3 hours later we had all “the heavy crap” moved into my storage unit.

Step 4.: Picked up truck at budget. I rode my bike down and rented a cargo van. Down side was i tried to be the first person there forgetting about Daylight savings time and was an hour early with soft tires. Dammit!

Step 5: I just completed today, i put all my books into small boxes. Putting them into small boxes is key because many books in larger boxes just does not work. On the up side i categorized and booked along similar themes, hopefully this will help me move out (dread, dread) when necessary.

This pretty much clears out the living room, next up, kitchen.

My room is really in quite a state. I have my desk with iMac (both for sale!), my futon as bed, most of my clothes in Trader Joe’s bags (in lieu of dresser). I really wish my new Mac would get here so I can get my data off of the current one and get that sold.

Lastly, I always say that you haven’t moved until you draw blood, so today was my day. I was sitting on the carpet using a tape gun (a sign of true civilizational progress!) when it slipped and the cutting edge hit me square on the lateral maleolus (thanks with the cutting edge. As the perfect indentations began to drop blood i realized i was going to have to do some sort of strange yogic position crawl so as to not drip all over the carpet. I did pretty well until one stray drop dripped, I grabbed a paper towel and then bandaged it. Only down side will be when i pull it off it will grab all my leg hair. Yeeaaaaooouch!