Sunday: Mediterranean a-cookin’...


It’s been about six weeks since my last “I will not eat out at every meal” fit which translates into a big day at Trader Joe’s.

I bought a bunch of stuff (celery and PB sticks, Salt and Vinegar chips) but while there I had the kah-razy (thank you Strong Bad) idea that I should try to make “Zatar.”

Zatar is a middle eastern sauce that goes over flatbread as a dipping souce. It’s very tasty and can be had in Sunnyvale, CA for dinner at “Dish Dash”, a Mediterranean place on Sunnyvale Ave. I highly recommend the dish, “Mo, King of Kebab.”

I snagged some baking supplies at the triple-B and left the 9th street center.

Now, TJ’s did not have my necessary spices so I headed over to the Safeway.

There I got everything except for this sumac. Now, if you’re thinking like me, sumac == ‘poison sumac’. Not so! Much like most nuts and berries, a non-toxic sumac exists and is a reddish berry that can be purchased at middle-eastern stores.

Needless to say, Safeway carried no sumac.

So I headed out to the Rainbow Grocery Cooperative and lo and behold they had it. The co-op was a lot like my collegiate co-op, the Wheatsville Co-op off of Guadalupe in Austin.

How is it that all co-ops all smell the same upon entry?

I then came home and followed this recipe. I made the bread and the Zatar and made a big doughy lunch. It was quite tasty and I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t think that the sumac was the definitive ingredient, so if you can’t find it you can probably go without and still get the flavor :)