If you want to sell me something, a recipe

  • Greek Myth
  • Cool glyphs - none better than cuneiform or Greek
  • A quest against the gods
  • An existential dilemma
  • Pseudo (or actual) Latin chanting background music (? la Orff’s Carmina Burana)
  • Great scenery and backgrounds
  • Mysterious Oracles who say mysterious stuff

Extra bonus: Get great voice talent like SF icon and host of City Arts & Lectures, Linda Hunt, to do the role of the wizened narrator.

In short, God of War


This game is, may I lapse in to gamer, T3H r00lz!!!111!!!.

You play Kratos - a very wan man in search of vengeance - seeking the death of Ares.


Can Gods die? The Greeks had a very complicated relationship with this question. Furthermore, when belief dies is that not what truly kills a god? Furthermore there’s a great thematic resonance to the classic Harryhausen flick Jason and the Argonauts when Jason says [ something like ] Some day men will be better off when they learn to have nothing to do with the Olympian Gods. Interestingly one of the godesses asks Zeus why he doesn’t strike Jason dead for that remark but Zeus seems oddly at peace with the idea that his utility was finite. )


In your pursuit you swing these very cool blade weapons (“The Blades of Chaos”) and give many-a monster (Centaurs, Minotaurs, Sirens, and other beasts) a