[Ruby] Continued work around Latin Verb Conjugation Code


Previously I had shown how I had used Ruby to re-create passive system conjugations. I decided I’d try to add on some functionality and I’ve come up with a Ruby script that handles full verbal system conjugation for 1st and 2nd conjugations (-āre / -ēre) in Latin.

I’ll ultimately build this into a Rails application, but I’m getting the design and debug out of the way with a ruby script.

Check out the code on my tracking page. I need to add support for 3, 3-io, and 4th, but I’m amazed by how light this code has come up to be ( ~ 300 lines with generous whitespace! ).

I’m pretty pleased with my recursive macron validation scheme. Showing off recursive code ( for non Lisp people ) is sorta like being a white guy demonstrating your breakdancing skills. You’re embarrassed to try, you’re embarrased with the result, but even if you do it a little bit, you feel way proud of yourself ( probably too much ).