Owing to the domain / DNS / hosting drama of the last few weeks, I’ve not been very motivated to post. Partly because I thought that investing any time and effort into the old site might make it harder to migrate to a new site. Further, after spending tons of time trying to get some non-responsive, irresponsible business owner to do what you contracted with them to provide, I just simply lost my zest for posting.

But, let me summarize a few things that tell where I’m at roughly.


Decommission and migration are the orders of the day. I’m working on an interesting project now for horizontal aggregation of tag metadata across vertical data channels. That is, aggregating a blog post tagged ‘foo’ in System X with a forum reply tagged with ‘foo’ in System Y such that the correlation and breadth of this tag can be seen without respect to the application technology that holds the object that was tagged with marker ‘foo’.


I saw “No Country for Old Men”. It was outstanding. I love it when a good cinematographer gets into deep West Texas. It’s a rich landscape with a haunting power. I think that the writing of Cormac McCarthy is perfectly at home there.


Ad Infinitum: A biography of Latin


Hooray for the show “Heroes”! I really enjoyed season 1. I thought the plot arcs, while a bit watered-down for TV consumption, were still very solid. The characterization and the scheming were all very engaging and there were several times that I was on the edge of my proverbial seat. I’ll be excited for the next season - although the status and timing of that seems to be tied up in the WGA strike.


I bought a 750GB hard drive, backed up all my laptops and other smaller external drives and finally upgraded the MacBook to Leopard. So far it’s been smooth sailing as yet. I just got Rails re-installed and am currently re-reading my notes and book for a Rails project I have in mind.


SoCal on my mind.

The one extra thing that I had no good reason to get into given my current list of exploration projects, but that I did get into.

Programming Erlang by Joe Armstrong. So obscure, so powerful, so tempting.