Merry Christmas from Southern California

Greetings to all and a Merry Christmas wish from Orange County, CA. Lauren and I hastened from Austin on Christmas Eve day and flew into SNA airport. Shortly after arrival my general sniffles and feeling of cold turned much more acute and it was only a matter of hours before I was impressing my girlfriend’s family not with witty bon mots and thoughts around the economic solutions to southeast Asian terrorism, but rather with coughs, sneezes, hacking, and general looking like I was sick.

Christmas day was an extravaganza of un-wrappings at the house. Thereafter we dined on breakfast quiche and let me say that it was nothing short of fantastic.

Thereafter, I proceeded to enjoy the comforts of their home: I was blanketed, warmed by border collie, fed turkey stock, and shooed back to bed. Fortunately, today, I am actually coming around the bed ever so slightly so I will be able to see some of the sights of the area. We’re planning on going to the Huntington Library.

( Update: Photos! )



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I’m a bit irritated about having to have spent such a long part of the visit under the weather and under blankets, but such things are simply beyond my control.

The weather has been sunny but cold with occasional visits from the Santa Ana winds. As I said there recovering I would hear the rush of palm trees in those winds and could appreciate the power of the winds. We’re going to enjoy the rest of our stay before heading home on Saturday.