What I loved Most about Kill Bill 2


Recently my recuperating (and thanks for all the well wishing, well-wishers) patient and I were watching Kill Bill 2 as it is playing on Encore at the moment (look, the cable bill is already 120 a month, to add more movies i’m looking at a 2 C-note bill, and that’s just insane) and I noticed two things.

David Carradine is a great actor. I always thought of him as the scenery-chewing Kang, but this is undoubtedly the role he was born to play. His lethality is only assisted by the fact that he is an excellent raconteur. His stories and pop-culture philosophy (hallmark to Tarantino’s films) instead of being cute and needlesly quirky as in Tarantino’s previous films (Reservoir Dogs’ “Like a Virgin”, Pulp Fiction’s “That’s Mamie van Doren” etc.) it advances the characters so well. Out of the grisly visage of Carradine it’s just great filmmaking.

I have another observation but it might be a spoiler, so I’m putting it in the Read More section…

I very much like that Pai Mei, the wily Kung Fu master, knew that the best protection against an adder in the garden (Bill) was another adder in the garden (Beatrix).