Where were you when unix power tools were first mentioned on WB evening soaps?


On Veronica Mars (with cute-as-a-button Veronica portrayed by Kristin Bell) V-to-tha-M caught this bit of dialog that could be played out in most corners of my office building:

**Pete:** How can you even have an opinion on [Ubuntu]() if you haven't tried it? [2.6 kernel](, [live CD]( that even had [GNOME 2 point 0]( the day [Warty Warthog]( came out.

**Mac:** I'm sorry! I am perfectly content with [OS X]( I have all the [awk, grep, and sed]( that I want without any need for that pitiful [font deuglification](

**Pete:** But...but...but...the fonts are deuglified, and it's [free]( Fine, you know, live in the dark ages.

**Mac:** I know what I like - and I like what I know.

**Veronica:** Hey, that iPod mini is something else, isn't it? 

The winner? Mac and her support of Mac OS X. Pete’s on about application level stuff (Gnome, big deal) and stuff that he’s clearly too stupid to know is not a real selling point (2.6 kernel, great, some obscure floating-point bug was addressed, way to go).

Mac shows herself to have serious sysadmin fu. If she’s using awk, sed, and grep with any degree of power (especially as a high school student) that’s seriously excellent.