Going to see Interpol in San Jose!


my best friend’s a butcher, he has sixteen knives

he carries them all over the town at least he tries

oh look it stopped snowing

my best friend’s from Poland and um, he has a beard

but they caught him with his case in that public place

that is what we had feared…

Citing from their amazing record “Turn on the Bright Lights”, I am so very much impressed with Interpol (and their sophomore effort “Antics”).

I’m totally stoked. It’s not until the 15th of next month though. Until that time..

he severed segments secretly, you like that

he always had the time to speak with me I liked him for that

he severed segments so secretly, you like that

he always took the time

he always took the time

“Turn On the Bright Lights” (Interpol)