Dr. Wayne Dyer: Living an Inspired Life


On November 10th, Elle and I had the opportunity to attend a lecture given by self-help guru, Dr. Wayne Dyer. I had first come across his teachings is “The Power of Intention” about 2 years ago.

It was during the winter of my discontent when I had just returned to the US from Australia. During my sub-equatorial sojourn my dissatisfaction with life, the universe, work, myseslf, pretty much everything had festered into a black buboe.

As Emmylou Harris says:

The the they don’t tell you about the blues when you got ‘em / is you keep on fallin, for their ain’t no bottom, there ain’t no end /

I think that the program that started the dig-out from the hole I’d dug was that program. Don’t get me wrong, it took many more days and weeks with stumbles and regresses to extricate myself from the bounds I’d fashioned for myself, but I ultimately made the slog out.

As I worked, assembling Ikea bookshelves and listening to “The Power of Attention” I understood, primally, cellularly, how to start the change.

Success, like depression, like the exhilitory thrill of solving a Sudoku, is a spiral: an exponential exploration. One seed can feed 1 to the power of two, three, four…n in success. Depression works in the reverse, taking half over half over half until you’ve nothing left save the half idea of the possibility of a starting point. Dyer’s presentation jumpstarted by infenitesimal grain of progress and my being knew it through and through.

My cells told me to contribute to KQED (see entries: ) and I did. A year later I renewed my support and that seems to have put my name on an invite list and. In early October I was invited to attend the taping of the follow up to “The Power of Attention” on living an inspired life.

It sems to me, now that I reflect upon the content of “The Power of Attention” centers on helping the listener realize an essential truth of enlightenment: You are a carrier of a divine spirit: indestructible, powerful, beautiful, and whole. This connection can never be severed, but the connection can become rusted, corroded, and the satellite can forget his binding to the source.

Dyer rarely goes into the religious connotations by calling The Source, God, but if you’re of a particular religious persuation, he seems to have no problem with you attributing the properties of “The Source” to that divine identity.

Living a life connected, and aware of the connection to Source, is living the life in spirit that is to say the inspired life. This presentation, to begin airing in January 2006, speas of six benefits of living the inspired life. I’ll not list them here, despite having scribbled them in my Moleskine because I want to help preserve the PBS revenue stream and I think that Dr. Dyer’s delivery is much more lively and informative than much my scribbles.

The venue was that fanastic monument to San Francisco’s love of Art Deco, the Masonic auditorium on California Street. I hadn’t realized that it was California street’s broad avenue that had so impressed the designers of Grand Theft Auto: Sand Andreas that they mimiced is structure in the game play