Who exposed Valerie Plame as an operative


The top story on Google’s news index is about how Joe Wilson believes that someone in the White House exposed his wife, Valerie Plame, as a CIA operative.

First of all, whoever did this, shame on you. You are a trecharous lout who deserves to be strung up by your toes. These people sacrificed their lives figuratively, they don’t get Christmas with families, they don’t get normal nuclear families, they live a double life, mortgaging what you and I take for granted so that we can take it for granted. One other thing, they also know that if they are unmasked they will sacrifice their lives - in a very real fashion. Whoever you are, you deserve to rot.

Wilson, Plame’s husband, says he believes the leak came from within the White House [CNN]. If this is so then it’s a filthy black smirch upon the administration.

Why would this happen? Well, it was Wilson who, amidst all the ‘misspeaking’ of Dick “Ha, I misspoke when I said we had proof of WMDs in Iraq” Cheney blew the whistle and said that the Saddam buying enriched uranium in Nigeria was bunk.

Perspective on the possible cover-up and underreporting is here.

Speculation and Thoughts (strictly hypothetical)

Could it be? Could the administration be so petty, could they be so callous, could they be so evil so as to do something like this?

If (admittedly a very big if at this point, nota bene) this is the case it will ruin what shred of respect for the office exists within my generation. God, how could the Boomers deal with living through the lies of both Vietnam, Watergate, and something like this? How shaming, how irresponsible.

Even if my if turns out to be unfounded (i.e. involvement from the White House) isn’t it a shame that we no longer think that such an action is outside the realm of behavior of our executive office?

I can see the history books now: The CEO president? Indeed, just like CEO (and buddy) Kenneth Lay, Dennis Kozlowski….stonewall until you can’t anymore.

If the Clinton affairs (sexual and otherwise) were scandal in the era of 24-hour news, this would be scandal in the age of the ‘blog. The media can be subverted by the citizens. Amazing times we live in.