Moving to New York


Lauren, Byron and I are moving to New York…

…and we are blissed out about it. We had a wonderful experience of the city and its people while we were there this summer and we want to go back and experience more of what NYC has to offer.

Lauren and I atop the Empire State Building

Details after the jump.


When Do You Leave?

Early November

What About Work?

I’ll still stay working for Dev Bootcamp but I’ll be taking on the role of being the lead link of the teaching circle. We use an organizational model called [Holacracy][] so, to translate our slightly peculiar nomenclature, it means that I’ll be teaching (still) but also trying to figure out ways to help the other teachers have an exuberant and blissful experience teaching as well.

As ever, the focus will remain on the students, but I want to make sure that we’re thinking about sustainability: how can we create a world where world-class technologists are translating their passion into a tailored, world-class learning experience.

Lauren will continue to do free-lance web development (which is highly portable, thankfully!).

Where Will You Live?

We don’t know yet. We’re going to look for places next week. We’re thinking the Upper East Side, Lower East Side, Upper West Side, and potentially Brooklyn Heights or Prospect Heights. We don’t know.

“ZOMG They Have Winter There - Do you KNOW that?”

Yes. But it’s not Minnesota. I’m sure we’re going to have some surprises but we’re looking forward to seeing what it’s like to live in a cold place. The Texan and the Orange County-ite are going to have some surprises, to be sure.

If you can offer any help or tips about getting set up in a winter climate I would appreciate it.

What About Your Place in SF?

For. Rent (yay! We’re helping ease the housing crisis!).

People We Know in the City: Do you hate us?

No. We are thankful for those of you who have touched our lives. We would have left in tears years ago if it were not for you. As is we are leaving with excitement in our hearts and fond memories in our head.

San Francisco Asks: “Do you hate me?”

City, you are beautiful, but you are so, so very cruel sometimes. You are monocultural (perhaps maybe bi- to tri-cultural) to an unhealthy degree. Your business is the technology business. Your culture, barring old money and Marina is defined by the tech sector and whatever endemic populations it is displacing. I want to go somewhere where social activity is not defined (per se) by Meetups and more work. Workaholism is at an unhealthy level in this town and outlets are few and far between. I saw many healthier modalities in NYC and I’m afraid, SF, you’re not helping people realize all the majesty you possess. I think some time apart might be good for us.

What about Byron, Your Dog?

We were lucky to have brought him with us to New York and he had a chance to meet a cousin, Luke, and his new sister, Ruby. Byron is very excited about going back to Park Slope and getting to play with these two. Byron actually smelled Ruby as she was a member of the other litter that was in the house at the time. I wonder if they’ll recognize each other?

We may have to grow him out of his continental clip though to put some more warming hair on him. Poodles are smart, adaptable, and vibrant and we know that Byron will thrive anywhere.