Addendum to The Brief History of the Dead post


Upon posting my “Finished” response, Dedman asked the question that I ( consciously ) skirted the entire time: “Yeah, but did you like it?".

Well, i think the plot was derivative, the setup failed to deliver, and there were a host of other problems but, yeah, I liked it.

I think that when the plot and structure sag, you can find a real sense of bliss is passages like this where the writing is ephemeral and beautiful:

That was what insomnia was, after all - an excess of consciousness, an excess of life…she couldn’t will herself to fall asleep. The only way to fall asleep was not to care whether you fell asleep or not: you had to relinquish your will. Most people seemed to think that you fall asleep and then started dreaming, but as far as Minny could tell, the process was exactly the reverse - you started dreaming and that enabled you to fall asleep.