[SXSW2008]: Let me teach you some manners


One the evening of day 1 while Mike and I were returning from a quick run to a convenience store, we approached the doorway of the Hilton. I grabbed the door and opened it. Mike, still talking to me took an eager step forward and noticed some non-SXSW elderly attempting to come out of the door. Mike then, stopped suddenly and a gentleman coming off of the sidewalk behind him had to stop suddenly causing him to visibly grimace in exasperation.

Said I: “Yeah, it’s called being mannerly.”

So, let me state this.

  1. When you approach a door, open it, if someone is directly behind you, let them go through the door ( if she is a cute female, you will see the reason this attitude was generated )
  2. When you step through a door or someone holds one open for you, pay note, is someone on the inside coming out? If so, let them come out. If the way is free, please enter.
  3. If someone holds the door open for you, it’ appropriate to thank them

I’m sorry your parents didn’t teach you these things, or you lived in a place that de-sensitized you from how to be a civil ( derived from civis meaning citizen, meaning a person of the city, there’s a reason manners and dense living go hand-in-hand ), but ‘round here in Texas, we’ve not let that be eradicated.

Update: And yet again. As we entered the packed session on wireframing, as we entered and tried to find a way not to step onto feet, some dude with his laptop bag and his portly frame basically barreled his way through the narrow door. As he walk passed, a certain individual typing this was heard to mutter “Nice manners!".