"Do you listen to..."


Ah, “Do you listen to ?” that infallible pick-up line of the high-school set, that aureal social filter par excellence. I remember once when the answers to those questions meant so much to me. Today my friend Mike asked me to correlate question: “Have you heard $BAND_NAME”

I’ve heard a great number of bands, but the truth is, I haven’t really listened to music in years.

It’s one of those questions you’re not supposed to say “No” to. It’s up there with, “Isn’t that queso good,” or “Isn’t $STARLET_NAME hot?” Once I used to put music on and do nothing but listen.

Later I would work, code, or work and code with it on. Now, I simply can’t bear anything with words or narrative anywhere near me when I work - unless I didn’t choose it (i.e. at a coffee shop) .