Emailing Corporate Overlords: McDonald’s


Have you seen the latest McDonalds ads, the creepy bobble-headed animated people going on about their “fruit buzz” ? It’s only slightly less creepy and irritating than those weird plastic suit people they used in the Energizer ads a couple years ago.

In light of this, I thought I’d give Mickey D’s a smack of the cluebat and sent them the following email through their contact mechanism:

I would like to encourage you to fire your ad agency.

The last 3 years have been marked by horrible press for McDonalds followed-up with horrible advertising.

Are the people who hire your advertising campaigns so out of touch that they consider 4 creepily animated women talking about a “fruit buzz” an insightful way of communicating “here are some healthy options”? Does someone up there actually not find them creepy?

This would be on the heels of a campaign disastrously called “I’d hit it.” Now, I’m not the most in touch with the “urban” demographic you’re chasing here, but even I know that that phrase connotes: “I’d have sexual intercourse with it.” Someone sleeping at the wheel?

Consider that the Jack icon from Jack in the Box cracks me up every time I see “him”. I can even name ads with him in it: the one where the guy goes to Philly (their new cheesesteak), kids spelling (for their ciabatta), the way they use Jack’s painted-on mouth for sight gags. I can remember their name, their product, and that their ad made me happy. I like their imaginary icon and somehow that extends to their food.

I laugh at the Carl’s Junior ads which juxtapose beautiful models with huge manly burgers.

I ask you, is there any way to feel warm and fuzzy about those creepy, animated Fruit Buzz women? If Jack makes me warm and fuzzy and that extends to his food, what emotional response extends to McDonalds upon looking at a bunch of creepily animated Fruit Buzz bobble-heads?

I’ve not eaten at a McDonald mostly because of “Super Size Me”, but these campaigns to convince me that not all the food is full of sugar and stuff that will pickle or kill me fall on very deaf ears and eyes.

For a reasonable rate I would vet your advertising campaigns and let you know if it is “stupid”, “creepy”, “cool”, or “really good” and save you both embarrassment and money and help you find a truly creative advertising agency.