McDonalds wrote back


On the up side, they’rea responsive organization. Here was their take:

I’ll put my commentary in blockquotes.

Hello Steven:

Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald’s.

We’re sorry you were disappointed with our advertising. We take pride in producing commercial messages that will be enjoyed. We certainly never intended for it to offend anyone [I didn’t say I was offended, I just thought it was bad]. Your comments have been shared with our advertising staff and independent advertising agency who work together to develop our commercials. Please know your feedback is helpful and will be considered in the future planning of our commercials.

[This was definitely boilerplated in. The reference to Supersize wasn’t core to my message, but they must have put this in as part of a dictum]

The “Supersize Me” movie you are referring to makes many claims that aren’t supported by medical science. The individual in the movie consumed at least two to three times the USDA’s daily recommended caloric intake for an adult male and he eliminated exercise from his daily activities.

McDonald’s has never advocated that our customers eat an excessive quantity of calories. In fact, the vast majority of medical and scientific experts agree that McDonald’s food can be part of a healthy life style. We provide a wide range of food choices to help our customers make informed food choices. We offer several salad options, a grilled chicken sandwich, Fruit ’n Yogurt parfaits, low-fat milk, fruit juices, apple slices, sugar-free soft drinks and more.

The film maker clearly made a conscious decision to voluntarily engage in unhealthy behavior that no nutritionist, scientist or medical expert, would recommend - and neither would McDonald’s.

Additionally, McDonald’s nutrition information is readily available; from our website at, by calling our toll-free number at 800-244-6227 and printed on the reverse side of our trayliners.

McDonald’s will continue our role as an industry leader by providing our customers with menu choice, information and facts about our food.

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. Your trust and confidence in our company’s tradition of producing high quality advertising are important to us.

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