Speaking of Apple Hardware


Story 1:

I was riding on the corporate shuttle to work yesterday and there were several open laptops at the table near me. We hit a bump in Route 237 and every Lenovo lid jostled and lay back down flat, facing the sky. The PC users jostled to recover proper angle. My lid just wiggled a bit. While the general gripe was “Chinese manufacturing,” my Apple, designed in California made in China, didn’t have this issue. It just wobbled a little bit.

Story 2:

And while I’m on the topic of laptops, every now and again I see these big pizza boxes on the Caltrain or at a coffeeshop with the word DELL on the lid. Apple and its ubiquity almost makes me forget that those pizza boxes and my laptop fit into the same product category.

Here’s their workhorse top of the line machine:

What’s with its side width? What are all those slots over there? Why the two-tones?

Who could look forward to using such a thing? It’s the laptop equivalent of “Ke$ha.” Especially when you could opt for: