Use your public library! Access SF Public Library without login


As someone who recently liquidated about 9 boxes of books, the majority of which I read only once but lugged around for 10 years, let me recommend that you RENT your books through a service that’s kinda like Netflix, but for books: the public library!

Rising spire of the San Francisco public Library

Since I moved, every time I have the urge to buy a book (physical or Kindle) that I think I will read only once, I instead go to and see if the book can be rented. It’s a great way to be slightly more careful with your money and conserve living space.

Granted, there are times you want to have an artifact. For this I’m trying to use the Kindle, because I don’t want to move boxes of books again if I can help it.

The only down side with the site was that it didn’t preserve my login data. Regrettably, the site login ID is an un-memorable string of digits and my strong password is equally impossible to remember. You can access your account directly by making a bookmark with the following format.;=_loginPassword_